How to make tea-colored flowers

These flowers are quick and easy to make, and can be used to decorate a headband, veil or bracelet.



You need:

- (synthetic) fabric that melts in high temperature

- shapes of petals cut out of paper

-a tea bag


-thread and neadle

-a pencil

-a nappkin

-four cintainers

-a spoon

-a candle




Start by tracing and cutting the petal shapes out of your fabric.

Brew tea and pour it into four containers, with the level being the highest in the first one, lower in the next one, and so on. Add some water to the containers to get different shades of color – compare to the photo.

Now, start applying color to the fabric, from the lightest shade (top of the petal) to the darkest (bottom of the petal). I marked it with different colors in my photo.

Leave the petals to dry. After about an hour, when the fabric has absorbed the color, press with paper towels to soak up excess moisture – that way the petals will dry faster. If there isn’t a lot of water on the fabric, you can skip this step.

When all the petals are dry, it’s time to shape them over a candle. To do that, light a candle and prepare some spoons – I use several different sizes and some paper to protect my fingers. Take one of the petals, put it on a spoon so that the edges of the fabric stick out around it, and hold the spoon over the candle. Careful – if you hold the petal too close to the fire, if may blacken quite rapidly. Try it on a few petals first to see how your fabric reacts.

When all the petals are shaped, it’s time to form the flower using a needle and some thread. 

The middle of the flower is made with the smallest petals. Put them one on top of the other – 5 to 7 petals should be enough, depending on the size of the flower.

Then add more petals to form a shapely flower.

Sew the last few petals “inside out”, so that they are curving outside.