Jewelry Collection "Rosa"




Imagine a meadow. You are standing barefoot on dew-covered grass, and if you look carefully, you will see a wondrous spectacle play out right before your eyes. Rays of sunlight illuminate tiny beads of water covering blades of grass and herbs. Delicate leaves reach toward the sky, indulging in the growing temperature. The earth starts to let out a sweet scent. Insects stir awake, skipping from flower to flower. Despite the vivid colours, mornings in the meadow are still a little misty, gauzy, subtle. Milky filter overlays the reality. Dragonfly wings glint with an intricate, metallic web. Everything coexists in harmony and beauty.



It’s this meadow that inspires ROSA, my newest 2017 collection. Looking to nature, I create accessories, diadems, hair clips and jewellery. Intricate metal constructions are the foundation for hand-dyed flowers arrangements. In those delicate, spider web structures I weave in tiny water-drop beads, berg crystals, and freshwater pearls that catch and reflect light.





Whether I start with cold silver hues or warm shades of old gold to achieve the bright, unassuming charm of carefree boho style, there is no room for cheap glamour here. It’s all about sensuality, the beauty of dainty motifs that don’t scream for attention, but highlight the glow of the wearer instead.







“Rosa” professes harmony, nature, integrity. Handmade, carefully composed in the spirit of slow, it highlights the natural beauty of women who wear it. I am also open to work on personalized projects. You can choose the colours, favourite stones that strengthen you or have symbolic meaning, and flowers that are close to your heart.


I will take you into the idyllic land, exactly the way you imagine it.