How to choose the best jewelry color for you

Bridal stylization consists of many elements that need to be perfectly coordinated. The decisions about a dress, hairstyle and makeup are only the first steps on your path to the perfect look on this most important day.


How to choose the colour scheme for your wedding?

Choosing a colour scheme for weddings has become more popular in recent years.

The process may seem straightforward – after all, everyone has a favourite colour, so it should just be the question of choosing matching flowers and decorations, right?

Not exactly...


Storing your jewellery

The jewelry created in my workshop is designed to accompany you in the most important moments of your life. The way you treat and store it will affect its looks and longevity.Thanks to the following advice you will be able to keep your treasures from losing their glow, and maybe, in the future, pass them on to a person closest to your heart :-)...


Delicate twig with lilac accents

I love working with brides-to-be! They inspire and challenge me, and most of all, they provide a solid dose of positive energy I’m very happy when I can fulfill yet another dream of the perfect hair decoration.


Jewelry Collection "Rosa

Imagine a meadow. You are standing barefoot on dew-covered grass, and if you look carefully, you will see a wondrous spectacle play out right before your eyes. Rays of sunlight illuminate tiny beads of water covering blades of grass and herbs...