Delicate twig with lilac accents

I love working with brides-to-be! They inspire and challenge me, and most of all, they provide a solid dose of positive energy :-)

I’m very happy when I can fulfill yet another dream of the perfect hair decoration. It was no different this time as I worked with Olga, who came to me with already picked colors, dress and hairstyle.

This bride-to-be chose the sensual Melbe dress in white from Sabe, and a low bun that is all the fashion this season. Due to personal preferences, the colors she chose were silver, shades of lilac, and transparent.

The decoration was supposed to be delicate, girly, with a subtle rustic air.

The effect? See for yourselves! :-)









Romantic wedding hairstyles


The wedding season is upon us, but for the brides who still haven’t found their dream hair stylization, here is some inspiration for romantic rustic updos.  

In addition to the perfect dress and the impeccable make up, the wedding hairstyle is a crucial  element of the whole stylization. It has to work with the rest to create a whole, and match the character of the dress.


Smooth, twisted strands in a loose chignon


High buns


Smooth knots


Boho waves adorned with braids


Curls, waves, loose stylizations



Storing your jewelry

The jewelry created in my workshop is designed to accompany you in the most important moments of your life. The way you treat and store it will affect its looks and longevity.

Thanks to the following advice you will be able to keep your treasures from losing their glow, and maybe, in the future, pass them on to a person closest to your heart :-)






Jewelry should be kept in separate boxes, preferably wrapped in a cloth or tissue, or put in special bags. This way it will not be affected by exposure to air or scratches. I don’t recommend keeping jewelry in metal containers because it may affect it negatively.






Protection from chemical compounds

You should avoid getting your jewelry in contact with detergents, perfumes, hairspray or deodorants, as they can result in discolorations in both the jewelry and skin.  Many metal alloys may react with substances in those products, causing damage.







Jewelry created in my workshop is atypical. Many of the models are built from various components: leaves with cubic zirconia, handmade flowers, or pearls on wire. Though you can clean the leaves with ash or special cleaning products, pearls require different treatment. That is why it is so important to store your products in tight containers so that dust or air don’t change the color of the decoration, which may be difficult to clean later. Decoration well wrapped in a cloth can wait many years for the next opportunity to be used.



Interview for the Fashion Biznes portal


Łucja Zając fulfills brides’ dreams of one-of-a-kind jewelry they will wear while saying “yes”. Each project is preceded by long discussions, browsing through inspirations, and picking the perfect materials. The designer aims for the highest quality, uniqueness of each model, and satisfaction of her customers – after all, everybody knows that brides are the most demanding. I’m talking with the Krakow artist about changes in the wedding industry, the sums brides are willing to spend on wedding jewelry, and the slow brand business model.

How did your adventure with jewelry design begin?

It was a long road that led from sewing, designing clothes, and styling photo shoots, through creating ornate coifs, to the point when someone asked me why I didn’t make hair decorations. That's how my work with head accessories began. Then, over time, clients asked me if I could create a set with earrings or a bracelet. And that's how it started.

It’s a common belief that brides are often the most difficult customers. They panic and change their mind every five minutes. What is your experience with that type of clients? 

I admit I’ve yet to meet a real “bridezilla” – a future bride who’s so stressed she’s like a Godzilla, changing her mind constantly and creating a frantic atmosphere (laughter). Perhaps the worst stress accompanies wedding dress fittings, and choosing the jewelry is nothing but pleasure after that. Of course, there are more demanding clients, but I am patient and open-minded – after all, we are talking about a dream accessory to be worn on such an important day. That’s why I allow input into the project all along. Sometimes a few emails are enough to create the perfect result, but other times it requires a long exchange. Eventually, though, all projects end successfully and the client leaves with a big smile on her face. I have to admit that happiness of a future bride is the best reward for me.  

Do you have a project that was particularly memorable?

I best remember orders with interesting colors, such as a set of jewelry in shades of gold and burgundy, or a comb in sapphire and ivory. Typically, brides choose accessories in subdued colors: pale rose, muted gold. Which makes me all the happier when I can work on an unusual wedding order, for example very large earrings with roses or a richly ornamented bracelet. It’s a big challenge for me, but also great joy in fulfilling the client's dream.


Have you noticed any prominent trends that prevail in the wedding industry these days?

Fortunately, trends come to Poland with only a slight delay. Nowadays, the rustic style is in fashion. Many customers choose natural hair stylizations – braids or romantic low chignons. The boho style with loose, slightly curled hair has also become quite popular. Very smooth hairstyles are trendy as well, but most women definitely prefer a natural look, that is loosely tied hair in an artful disarray or waves. Of course, trends are one thing, but the hairstyle should not overwhelm the whole stylization. In jewelry, accessories in gold, ivory and dusty pink are still charming. Another palette is shades of green with gold, typical for the rustic style. I also noticed that demand for blue has reappeared, even though it was fashionable around the world some two years ago. Brides rarely choose bolder colors such as sapphire or maroon. A veil is also becoming a thing of the past. Occasionally, we can still see it on traditionalists.

Before starting your own brand, you worked for other fashion companies. Could you reveal which brands they were and what you did there?

Yes. I worked at Mohito, and currently I’m working for the Medicine brand. In both companies I was employed as a technologist.

Did the experience you gained there help you while starting your own brand? What skills acquired in large companies did you find useful while creating your business?

I admit that working in corporations made me realize how I don’t want my company to work. Of course, it’s impossible to compare my little studio to big fashion business. I’ve always planned to have my own small company where I could work on limited number of projects, paying attention to detail, but most of all, with emphasis on customer satisfaction. My production process could never be factory-like. Each project is discussed. All elements are selected with great care and then they have to be accepted. It takes time, which is impossible in large companies.

We won’t find your jewelry in brick and mortar stores or concept stores. You set up meetings with your customers in Krakow to talk about their dream projects. Have you thought about expanding all over Poland? Is it the slow philosophy that makes you use this type of business model?

I’m currently focused on promoting my brand around the world. From the very beginning, Poland has been and still is my primary area of activity. Most of the orders come to me from Warsaw or other Polish cities. Such orders are processed by e-mail - the arrangements themselves, or photos of samples that I send to clients. If someone is from the Krakow area or just visits the city, we can arrange an individual meeting, but it is a very small percentage of my activity.

The slow philosophy lies in the fact that I work with the client on jewelry that will fit the dress and the whole character of the event. We exchange inspirations and create something completely new and unique. Sometimes I use elements from the customer’s wedding dress to make the accessories even more in tune with it. It doesn’t necessarily take place at meetings - you can confidently work in this way while contacting clients from around the world via the Internet. That's how I worked on orders for clients from France, Germany, or Italy. Of course, I also have ready-made models in my shop, for women who don’t have time to create an individual project.

Comparing the market situation today to what it was like when you were beginning: what are your thoughts? Have brides changed? What were they looking for then, and how does it compare to now? Do they pay more attention to jewelry than they used to?

I think that brides are real managers nowadays. They know precisely what they want - they create moodboards, browse through Pinterest, Instagram and fashion blogs, and they want to have stylizations in line with the latest trends. It makes me happy that our thinking about weddings is changing. No more obligatory meringue wedding dresses or satin flowers. Women choose the fashionable rustic style that I mentioned earlier.

What questions or requests do you hear most often from your clients? What do they care about most?

The customers definitely focus on the uniqueness and quality of the decorations. They want to have jewelry tailored to their dress – one of a kind, which is why I hardly ever make the same ornament twice. If someone really wants the same model I made before, I usually suggest some subtle modifications so that no two projects are the same.

And what about finances? Even though times are changing and we increasingly focus on original brands of jewelry in Poland, we still prefer to spend money on clothes rather than jewelry if we have to choose. Do brides carefully count their money for accessories and feel the need for compromise?

It seems to me that for many women a wedding is an occasion for which you don’t spare any expense. Every girl wants to look the best on that day and sometimes the price doesn’t matter. Of course, the dress is one of the most important things, but current trends in that regard are quite simple, and the dress becomes the backdrop for jewelry. I don’t feel like brides keep to a strict budget for accessories. Often, a client orders a hair decoration and in the course of the project adds earrings or a bracelet to have a matching set. After all, it’s not always possible to choose the remaining accessories that match woven decorations at a regular jewelry store. I don’t want to brag, but sometimes clients only ask about prices, then a few weeks later they write back to me saying they have been searching but found nothing more beautiful than my accessories, so they place an order even if the price exceeds their initial budget.

Your jewelry is intricate, delicate, and it’s hard to imagine it paired with large meringue dresses or other oversized styles. When you create your decorations, do you think about stylizations they will fit? Do you need to take that into consideration at all?

Of course, when creating an individual project, I ask for photos of the dress, hairstyle inspirations, main colors, and description of the character of the event. Sometimes I also ask for a photo of the client herself, to be 100% sure that the ornament will be a good match. Let's be honest, not everyone will look good in what they loved in a photo. I get clients with a refined taste; after looking through my collection they already know that it will match their wedding dress, which usually turns out to be romantic and flowy. In a word, just my thing! Therefore, I have no problem matching the decorations. When creating the line for 2017, I was inspired by the Rem Acra and Valentino collections. I like airy, dreamy atmosphere, mists, richly woven materials, minimalism combined with romanticism. I hope you can see it all in my latest Rosa collection.

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