About me


In the world of fashion everything changes so fast! Trends, colours and patterns get out of fashion before they truly settle in. In my Atelier, I believe in different approach.


With the experience of over ten years working with the biggest fashion companies in Poland, I design in the spirit of SLOW. What does that mean?
I create jewellery and hair accessories with great care and consideration.
I have time for contact with you, learning about your needs and expectations.
I believe that getting to know and understand you allows me to create personalized, magical products that will illuminate your wedding, photo session or a special day. After all, what’s important is you; your outfit will only highlight your own sparkle and uniqueness. That is my goal.

I make my products by hand, dyeing flowers petal by petal, creating exquisite arrangements out of natural stones and other high quality components.
What can I create for you?


Art deco hair clips and decorations full of stones and crystals, with matching earrings ­- for sensual decandents who like to highlight their femininity with retro accents.
Hair wreaths for romantic souls, with delicate flowers, natural pearls, and subtle sparkle of metal leaves that bring to mind dew-covered meadow in the morning sun.
Headbands made with fine wire studded with transparent beads, inspired by frost-covered twigs.
Subtle jewellery that highlights artfully styled hair. I will ask you for photos of your hairstyle, dress, and other elements of your stylization, to create a decoration that will add the perfect last touch.
Last but not least, expressive, imaginative fascinators.





All of these tucked in tissue, packed into perfectly white, beautifully sealed boxes – because unpacking should also be a pleasure. This is what I mean by working in the spirit of SLOW. Original design, timeless beauty, careful workmanship, and not just delivering a product.
Interested? Contact me and let’s talk about your vision.
Be sure to see the gallery of my satisfied customers.

Best regards,
Łucja Zając