DIY: Fascinator for Carnival season


Do you want to stand out from the crowd on the dance floor during the Carnival parties? Look no further – this tutorial is for you!

You will need:

-a felt

-thread and needle


-a brush

-glue- you can use Superglue lub paper glue

-a marker


-a ruler

-a wire

-flat back crystals or other sparkly decorations. I glued mine on, but you could also choose to sew on beads etc.

-a long stick – I used the handle of a wooden spoon :)

-a hairband - optional

- special stick for picking up rhinestones. It you don’t have one, you can use a skewer or toothpick wrapped in a bit of cotton wool and dipped into something sticky, e.g. honey. Remember to wipe the rhinestones afterward so they don’t lose their sparkle.



Cut 3 strips of felt, each about 4 centimeters wide.


Measure out pieces of wire and place each on a strip. The wire should be a little shorter than the felt. Cover the felt with glue. Fold each strip in half, pin it together and leave for an hour. To make sure the felt strips are smooth, put them under something flat and heavy – I usually use a stack of books :)


When the felt has dried, form each strip into the shape you want: a figure eight and two spirals. Use the stick – a wooden spoon or spatula handle, a broom handle, etc. See how thick the stick is and what effect you can achieve. If you don’t like the resulting shape, you can easily straighten out the strip and try again. When you are satisfied, pin all the elements together and see if you like the effect. At this stage you can make changes such as trimming the strips if you find them too long for your taste.



When you have the result you love, it’s time to start decorating the fascinator. The felt is soft enough for sewing, but make sure the beads or other decorations are not too heavy, otherwise they may change the shape of the fascinator.


Use your imagination! Go crazy with colors, shapes and decorations.



I hope you have a lot of fun making your Carnival hair accessory :)


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