Storing your jewelry



The jewelry created in my workshop is designed to accompany you in the most important moments of your life. The way you treat and store it will affect its looks and longevity.Thanks to the following advice you will be able to keep your treasures from losing their glow, and maybe, in the future, pass them on to a person closest to your heart :-)






Jewelryshould be kept in separate boxes, preferably wrapped in a cloth or tissue, or put in special bags. This way it will not be affected by exposure to air or scratches. I don’t recommend keeping jewelry in metal containers because it may affect it negatively.





Protection from chemical compounds



You should avoid getting your jewelry in contact with detergents, perfumes, hairspray or deodorants, as they can result in discolorations in both the jewelry and skin.  Many metal alloys may react with substances in those products, causing damage.





Jewelry created in my workshop is atypical. Many of the models are built from various components: leaves with cubic zirconia, handmade flowers, or pearls on wire. Though you can clean the leaves with ash or special cleaning products, pearls require different treatment. That is why it is so important to store your products in tight containers so that dust or air don’t change the color of the decoration, which may be difficult to clean later. Decoration well wrapped in a cloth can wait many years for the next opportunity to be used.





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