How to choose the best jewelry color for you

Bridal stylization consists of many elements that need to be perfectly coordinated. The decisions about a dress, hairstyle and makeup are only the first steps on your path to the perfect look on this most important day.

Jewelry that complements the wedding dress is essential. Even the most ornamental dress needs at least tiny earrings to complete that perfect stylization.


Pearl earrings no. 446


Accessories: silver or gold?

One of the first questions that come up when creating the wedding stylization is about the color of jewelry. The final decision is often left for last, after the dress, shoes and veil are already chosen.

If the dress is in the shades of cream, ivory or ecru, gold jewelry will work beautifully. This color is also perfect for tanned blondes.

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If a snow-white dress was chosen instead, silver accessories will add a special sparkle and a fairy-tale quality to the stylization.

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Jewellery set no. 372


Jewelry vs. color types

In addition to the color scheme of the wedding and the dress, think of your own coloring. Accessories coordinated with the shade of your skin, hair and eyes will highlight the qualities of your face and add glow and elegance to the whole stylization.


Gold jewelry and accessories perfectly harmonize with warm coloring. If your skin has a warm hue, your hair is naturally light, straw-colored or in shades of brown, and your eyes are blue, green or brown, gold will be the perfect choice.


Delicate hair vine no. 172




Silver is for women of cool coloring. Creamy, pale skin, light blue or very dark eyes, blond or ink black hair – that’s the type of coloring that can be truly highlighted by silver jewelry or accessories. Cool sparkle of silver harmonizes beautifully with cold reflexes in skin and hair.

Romantic hair twig no. 129


If you don’t know your color type, there is a simple way to check it. Look at the veins on your wrists in natural light. If they look greenish, your coloring is warm. If they are closer to blue – you are a cool color type.

How about pink?

Brides usually choose jewelry in classic shades of gold and silver, but pink accessories are gaining popularity.

Pink jewelry used to be seriously underestimated, but it has been conquering hearts for several seasons now. Pink is incredibly universal – it matches all colorings. It looks especially good against pale skin, making it look healthy and glowing. Pink accessories can be paired with any shade of wedding dress, from snow white to warmer ecru.

Mauve gem earrings no. 454


Hair vine no. 417


Well-chosen wedding jewelry can highlight your beauty and add a sparkle to any stylization. Investing time into choosing a unique accessory that will make the bride feel special on her wedding day is well worth the effort.